• Acupuncture FAQ

    • Does acupuncture hurt?

      In the Japanese style, where the needles are smaller, inserted more shallowly and manipulated more gently, a patient may feel a slight sensation at the acupuncture point or may feel nothing at all.

    • What if I am needle phobic?

      It is possible to use treatment magnets, which are taped to the skin, to get the same effect as using acupuncture needles.  

    • How does acupuncture work?

      There is a saying in TCM: “Where there is free flow, there is no pain or disease. Where there is pain or disease, there is no free flow.”  By inserting very thin needles superficial, it is possible to move your bodies energy to create a feeling of health and wellbeing.

    • How many treatments will I need?

      As a rule of thumb, one month of weekly treatments for every year the condition existed.  This will be contingent on compliance to lifestyle recommendations.  Most patients feel a significant improvement after 3-6 treatments.  Acupuncture is cumulative, you will feel better for a longer period of time after every treatment.

    • Can I get AIDS or another form of infection from an acupuncture needle?

      No. Law requires that acupuncture needles be used only once and then disposed of.  Brand new needles are purchased in sterilized packaging, and then used only once before being discarded.

    • What should I do before treatment?

      Try to avoid the following:

      • An empty stomach or eating a big meal within one hour of your appointment
      • Alcohol or tobacco prior to treatment or just following a treatment
      • Vigorous exercise or sexual activity within the hour before treatment

       It also helps to be in a calm state. Try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before your appointment to give yourself a chance to relax.

    • Should I tell my doctor I am having acupuncture?

      Yes!  The best use of acupuncture is in complimentary to other forms of  health and wellbeing. 

    • Will acupuncture interfere with my medication?

      No.  You may find your medication working more effectively as acupuncture restores your internal balance and taps into your bodies natural healing abilities.  This is another reason to tell your physician that you are receiving treatment.